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From standout high school athlete to TikTok star, Braceface Strawberry said she’s fearless because being afraid won’t get you recognized or paid. Spending time at both ends of I-85, Charlotte and now Greenville, the 16 year old Aamaya Taylor is the newest signee to the growing “Street Capital'' family. She joins a roster of multi-talented artists such as Tweet Tha Artist, Chinoo, and New Money Quez. Starting off dancing in junior high as a pastime w/ her friends on the app Musically (now known as TikTok) led to 10k followers in 2 days and 20k views shortly after. Seeing the potential social media had, the never shy but occasionally nervous teenybopper started brainstorming stage names. Originally going by “Strawberry” then a change most adolescents face came into play, braces. Instead of ignoring the apparent change to her smile she decided to attach it to her stage name. Showing other teenagers to own who they are and em-BRACE the many changes that they will go through. Looking to expand her horizons from TikTok to hip hop with the help of Street Capital Entertainment head honcho, CEO Jed, the opportunities ahead are looking as certain and bright as her smile.