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Calvin Terrant Pearson better known by his stage name ​Kuzco Da Foo​, is pioneering his own wave when it comes to southern hip-hop. Born and raised in Manning, South Carolina and raised off Leesburg Rd; Kuzco Da Foo has spent the last 4 years combining his original ​“real” ​rap style with a transcendant flow that sets him apart from the average “dirty south” rapper. ​


He has honed a refreshing style that combines street tales with wisdom and food for thought.

On a quest to carve out his own niche in the rap world, Kuzco Da foo has dropped multiple hit singles including: ​Bounce Back, Rules and Pop Out Woe (mix)​. ​He is a lyricist who paints portraits of his world with his raw and unrelenting musical style.


“Music is my passion. It’s my creative outlet and a means to provide for my family.” ​says the independent artist. With musical influences like ​UGK, Devin the Dude and Donny Hathaway,​ Kuzco Da Foo makes no qualms about his intentions to takeover the music game and ultimately the world. ​His music conveys an element of “truth” and “realness. The magnetic rapper has an appeal that is international in scope and definition.


Kuzco Da Foo offers a rare blend of unparalleled ambition, inventive videos, and creativity that’s often lacking in the independent rap scene. He is far more than just a new rapper on the scene, he is quickly becoming an unstoppable force in the world of entertainment. ​His raw yet polished style purposely gives off an air of humility and swagger that puts him in his own stand alone category!

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