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Jacques Roberts was born April 15, 1993, raised by a strong independent woman and mother of five who instilled at an early age the importance of being independent. Born in the capital of music culture and revolution; Atlanta, GA native NewMoney Quez has overcome every test to transform into the man that he is today. Former stand-out athlete prioritized the survival of his family over fans intrigued by his athletic abilities. Despite the absence of his father, NewMoney Quez was determined to be the gamechanger in his family. 

The pursuit of financial abundance was drowned out by the pain of losing family members and friends. Music has always been an outlet for Quez, as he would often be seen getting hyped to music before games. Quez grew up listening to musical greats such as The Isley Brothers, Keith  Sweat, and his declared GOAT 2pac. After the loss of his brother-homeboy, Ashad "Johnny B" English, Quez knew it was time to use his passion for music to create the future that he has always dreamed of. 

Newmoney Quez has partnered with Street Capital Entertainment and Ceo Jed to mastermind their musical takeover. This partnership is evidence of two great minds, fully focused on reaching the highest form of their beings. As a dynamic conglomerate, NewMoney Quez and Street Capital Entertainment look forward to transforming the music industry into one bar, one show, and one fan at a time.